Thursday, August 12, 2010

What better gift? Cupcakes!

My cousin (who I have called "sister my whole life) had a birthday in June and I wanted to make a cake that was as beautiful as she is....and as fun too!! I looooove the idea of this polka-dotted gift!!! I had seen similar cakes before....but I wanted to make mine with cupcakes of course!!! And I wanted to make my ribbon with icing (as opposed to taffy or licorice candies) because it tastes so much better!! The polka dots are just plain old M&Ms.....and the cupcakes are dark chocolate with a vanilla cream icing! My sister is sooooo special to me and I hope I showed her that with this cupcake cake!!!!

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  1. yay! a post! :)

    its adorable! just like you!