Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fire up the Grill!

No....wait!!! That's not a cheeseburger!!! It's CUPCAKES!!!!!!! These were so much fun to make and the look on people's faces when they went to pick one up.....priceless!!! The "burger" is brownies cut out with a round cookie-cutter, and the "bun" is simply a white cupcake with water brushed on top and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Yes, sesame seeds! The "lettuce," "ketchup," and "mustard" are all just vanilla cream icing colored red, yellow, or green. Wilton's gel colors truly are the best!!! The french fries are just cookie dough hand-cut into shape and smothered with more "ketchup!" This picture doesn't do them was taken with a blackberry, but trust me..... they were the cutest!!! Happy grilling!!

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